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Wow! All bamboo steamers are not built the same. This one is ALL bamboo, no wires to rust or leave a bad taste in your food. An added bonus are the reusable mats to keep food from falling through and to prevent getting the steamer dirty.


This was absolutely amazing! It only took 3 days to ship as promised, and the package nor the material inside was damaged. The rackets were in perfect condition, no broken strings, no scratches, all wrapped neatly and was brand new!

Kayn D.

I teach PE to middle schoolers and high schoolers. Our old flag football set needed to be replaced. After searching online, I decided on this set. I have a limited budget and this was not only affordable, but is of better quality than some of the other pricey sets. The students like this set better than last year's set.

Kyle Lopes

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